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The remade version of "Kirby Battle Arena," the webcomic that you probably haven't heard about before. Which makes sense, since it was deleted. King Dedede is hosting a massive fighting tournament in his castle, and all comers are welcome! Kirby, Meta Knight, and many others (including a few which we were pretty sure we completely obliterated) are joining in so they may win the greatest glory in the land! However, the tournament is being set up by some shadowy figures behind the scenes, and a dark cloud is quickly gathering. Sprites are in the style of Kirby Super Star Ultra. Following the transfer in management, some of the old owner's pages may be remade. Whether or not I will be accepting co-authors as Celtic did remains to be seen.

November 21st, 2009, 8:44 pm

Resources Section Up

To make ease in distributing sprites and background resources among the authors, I created the Resource page, which as a link to the KSSU page on The Spriters Resource as well as will have links to sheets the authors use, for example OCs. Somewhat ironically, the two sprite sheets I use (SC's Kirby form and Coaltrain) are unavailable to me at the moment due to my laptop throwing a little hissy fit, but I'll get them up as soon as possible. I encourage other authors to also put their sprites there (I've maarked off where to put the links).

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